My name is Lukas Hauser and I grew up in Switzerland. When I moved to London in 2012, I discovered my passion for street photography. The UK’s capital is home to an exciting, diverse group of people and the city’s streets are the scenery of many interactions and sometimes completely unexpected scenes. While travelling, I’m excited to explore the streets of other cities and to capture those candid moments, which often stay unnoticed by others. Through some of my photos, I try to provoke thoughts, while other shots hopefully at least bring a smile to the viewer’s face.​

While I’ve always been taking pictures, I’ve I neglected another one of my passions for way too long. I’m glad that I’ve finally rediscovered my passion for drawing and painting. Since I’ve started my first day job 15 years ago, I’ve hardly dedicated any time to my artistic side. To revive this part of me and to find my own style, I’m currently experimenting with pencil drawing, oil painting and digital art. I hope you enjoy my photography and artworks and would be happy to hear your comments.


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