London has been my home for more than six years. As a foodie, exploring restaurants in this exciting city has become one of my favourite activities. While England isn’t particularly famous for nice food, there are some typical English dishes that I would strongly recommend you to try. Otherwise, London offers a great variety of international restaurants in several all price classes. My favourite type of restaurants are the less fancy, easy-going places where food is first priority. This is an evolving list that I might update from time to time.

My favourite English Dishes:
  • Pie & Mash: Go to M.Manze.
  • Fish & Chips
  • Sunday Roast (my personal favourite): You can have it at any Pub. The best one I’ve had so far was at the Thomas Cubitt, although it’s on the dearer side.
My Favourite Restaurants:
  • American/Burger: Meat Liquor, or one of ther branches like Meat Mission
  • American/BBQ & Music Vibes/Live Bands: The Blues Kitchen
  • Chinese/SzeChuan: My Old Place
  • Hong Kong/Cantonese: Joy King Lau
  • Hong Kong/Cantonese Fusion: Hakkasan (Michelin Star cantonese Cuisine). As you can imagine, this is one of the more expensive restaurants on this list. Great place to bring your better half on special occasions.
  • Indian/Bombay: Dishoom, be prepared to queue. It’s worth it.
  • Japanese/Ramen: Shoryou, various branches. They have one at the Stratford Westfield with a wide variety of dishes.
  • Korean: Check out Myungga for Korean BBQ. I also love their Jabchae, which is a stir fried glass noodles dish. To stay hydrated, order a Hite Beer.
  • Malaysian/Singaporean: Rasa Sayang, you’ll find a vast variety of dishes. I’ve had a Nasi Goreng Istimewa and Sambal Aubergine, while my better half had a dish with okra, all dishes were very delicious.
  • Nepalese/Tibetan: Kailash Momo. It’s not particularly central, but the journey to this place is definitely worth it. The food is tasty and prices are low. Whatever else you choose, also have a portion of Mutton Momos.
  • Punjabi: Tayyabs
  • Steak House: Zelman Meats, I’ve only tried the Soho branch so far, but it’s my favourite steak house in London. Go for Picanha and Ribs… yuuuummm
  • Thai: The Great Thai Restaurant or Suchard
  • Vietnamese: Cafe East. Authentic home-cooking style Vietnamese food.

Now I’m super hungry. Which place did you choose?